Doll Making
Spread the Message of Cultural Diversity and Unity with African American, Asian, Native American, Hispanic and Russian Cultural Dolls While ethnic dolls are beautiful and unique decor for collectors that also inevitably appeals to most world travelers, that certainly is not the only reason to spark an interest in cultural dolls. Owning cultural dolls such as an American Indian doll is a great way to symbolize a message of cultural diversity and dedication to unity and world peace.

There are many different types of cultural dolls of all nationalities and ethnic backgrounds to complete any collection. Two of the most popular dolls are the African American doll and the Native American doll. These two dolls are beautiful, traditional, and represent the true array of diversity in America. The detail of their faces and clothing are amazing.

Other dolls to include in a cultural doll collection are of course Asian, Hispanic, Russian, traditional African, and European dolls. This provides collectors with a rich cultural experience that can easily be passed down as heirlooms to children, grandchildren, or other family members for years to come. This is an excellent way of sharing and reinforcing this peaceful and tolerant message throughout one's family. Strong family values are the foundation of any successful family and owning cultural dolls is a good symbol of this.

Cultural dolls can also be used to express pride in one's heritage. Many people have a mosaic of cultural backgrounds and getting one doll to represent each aspect of this is a proud proclamation of who we are. The best way to display an African American doll or American Indian doll is to keep them in their traditional dress and covered or put away from dust and moisture. They will withstand the test of time with proper care and storage or display. Cultural dolls may grow in value over time, so it is important to take care of them and treat them with respect. Doll hospitals are helpful in maintaining and repairing dolls.

Starting a collection of world dolls is a fun and powerful way to show others one's dedication to unity, diversity, and tolerance. Rather than telling other you stand for peace and unity, you can show them through the display of cultural dolls in your home. There are several places to purchase an American Indian doll, including online, so finding a doll to suit one's needs is not difficult.