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Trace on the pattern. Sky: Float OPAQUE BLUE of the top of the sky and walk down stroking back and forth across. Cottage Roof and chimneys, base with SANDSTONE. With a dry deerfoot, shade, with a stipple on the left of the chimneys and dormers with DK BURNT UMBER. Highlight with stipple of GOLDEN BROWN. Walls basecoat WHITE, windows BLACK GREEN. Outline the windows and base the door with GOLDEN BROWN. With WHITE, float about 1/8 from the top (turn the clock around to float, jiggle hand to make the pleats, on the lace valance)

Float under the window ledges, down the left side and top of the door with BLACK GREEN, float panels in the door with DK BURNT UMBER, repeat the shading under the window ledges with OPAQUE BLUE. Float BLACK GREEN under the roof and again with OPAQUE BLUE.

Glaze the chimneys (3/4 glazing medium or water with 1/4 paint) NAPTHOL RED LIGHT.
Trees Distant trees on the right side above roof, stipple with MEDIUM VICTORIAN TEAL GREEN, add a little OPAQUE BLUE to the teal and put in some shadows.
The bushes to the right of the cottage stipple LEMON GRASS + MEDIUM FOLIAGE GREEN.
The tall trees stipple with BLACK GREEN highlight on the right side with MEDIUM VICTORIAN TEAL GREEN.
Pull up the trunk and branches of the Birch trees either side of the cottage, highlight on the right of the trunks with GOLDEN BROWN.
also do the branches of the bush in the front of the cottage.