7 Fun and Easy Painting ideas for Kids
Easy Painting ideas for kids in India

Painting is a wonderful activity for children. Not only it gives them a chance to create something on their own but also helps in developing motor skills and pacifying their emotions. It is completely a beautiful experience while your child mixes white with red and see the mesmerizing pink emerging. If you wish you develop the creative side of your kid then child painting is highly recommended.

In this post, we have come up with some of the most amazing painting ideas for kids. You can use these fun painting ideas for beginners and develop your little one’s interest in painting. Using these easy painting ideas for kids, your child can begin a new journey full of creativity and imagination. You can now wrap up your little ones in customized hand painted baby clothes.

Start with Painting with Hands

The easiest and most fun way to start with kids painting images is by using hands. You can have your child use his hand or fingers or thumbs to start painting a masterpiece.

Painting with Objects

You can also have your child use anything around you like a bangle, block or anything to use as painting idea for kids as it would really develop his interest. This is an amazing canvas painting idea for kids.

Painting with Threads

Dip the thread into different colours and place it on a sheet. Press it with another surface and pull it out to create different interesting shapes and beautiful child paintings.

Painting with Vegetables

Have your child use vegetables like ladies finger, carrot, potato etc. to dip and paint into anything they like and they are certainly going to enjoy this easy painting idea for kids.

Painting the rocks

You can use the small garden rocks as the canvas for your child by making him paint it the way he wishes to. This is one simple painting for kids in India to keep them busy and also help them use their creativity.

Painting the vases or pots

Child painting can be more fun with painting vases or pots. You can have them paint all the pots in the garden, letting them use their innovative ideas the way they want.

Painting the umbrellas

It is super fun to paint the boring black umbrellas for the monsoons. Your child is going to enjoy this fun painting idea for beginners to start painting.

Use these child painting ideas to motivate your little ones to paint anything and everything and have them have a colourful world around them.