Drawspace is certainly one of the most authoritative website on the internet in relation to drawing resources. If you are serious about learning how to draw (but also if you are not) you want to check this Website. It literally drips with free high quality tutorials organized in different categories, according to their difficulty level, to suit your skill level. You'll find here basic lessons that will teach you how to play with pencils and advanced lessons that will inspire you to explore complex shadows and compositions.
This is THE art community on the internet, it's just huge. This website is simply beautiful. It allows you to create a FREE account and share with simplicity your drawings or paintings or photographs or sculptures. Really the only limit is your imagination. You can easily create collections of artworks, follow specific artists or promote yourself in this ever growing art market/community.

The Drawing Factory
The Drawing Factory is an excellent source of material, step by step tutorials, video tutorials to kick start you in the world of drawing. This website presents the material in an effective and fun way and its step by step tutorials are easy to follow from home. The Drawing Factory covers a wide range of subjects in its tutorials from realistic ones to more cartoonish and also includes basic tutorials to learn the ABC of drawing.

How to draw Cartoons Online
This is one of our favorite websites for aspiring cartoon artists. How to Draw Cartoons Online is a stunning and inspiring website that offers TONS of incredible drawing-value for FREE! It focuses on Cartoon drawing so you won't find realistic stuff here however what's here is really content of great quality. This website is one of the best resources on the net for Cartoon drawing, it is highly loved and highly recommended, you just have to check it out.

iDrawGirls Seattle based Xia Taptara keeps updating this website with lot of useful video instruction and tutorials. Particularly useful to digital artists and concept artists the website focuses on human figure and character/creature drawing plus concept art. So lots of inspiring material.