Pattern Packets
1, China's metal packaging in the market Metal packaging is an important part of the packaging industry, its output accounts for about 10% of China's packaging industry, mainly for food, canned food, beverage, oil, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries packaging services. Metal packaging containers is made with thin-walled sheet metal wrapper.
It is widely used for food packaging (TodayHot), pharmaceutical packaging, instrumentation, packaging, industrial packaging, munitions packaging and so on. Of which the largest number used in food packaging. China's largest user of metal packaging the food industry, followed by chemical products, in addition, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals also account for a certain proportion.

In metal packaging in order to tinplate packaging based. As the tinplate printing technology and processing technology continues to improve and perfect the application of tinplate packaging more and more widely. With the domestic tinplate production capacity, increase tinplate imports will be gradually reduced, and soon will be self-sufficient, but some still need a small amount of imported high-end products.

Metal packaging products can be broken down into India and iron products (listening, boxes), cans (including aluminum 2, steel 2, three-piece tinplate cans), aerosol cans (tin cans made of fine pharmaceutical, pesticide cans, cosmetics cans, etc.), food cans (canned food, liquid or solid food cans, etc.) and various types of caps (Ma mouth crown cover, spin off Cap, aluminum for foods). Another 1 - 18L tin made of chemical drums and cold-rolled plate, zinc plate made of 20 - 200L steel drums.

China metal container manufacturing equipment, already has a very strong strength. 2 cans of 26 production money, and annual production capacity of more than 110 of about 100 million (currently about 7 billion market demand). Three-piece tinplate cans manufacturing equipment already has various types of imported and domestic fully automatic or semi-automatic production line of about 500 of its products for one year supply of about 4 billion beverage industry, food industry, about 3.8 billion cans.

Aerosol cans annual production capacity of 600 million. Drums processing about 4000 years - 50 million. Indian Railway equipment across the country, more than 500 production lines, imported equipment and domestic equipment in half, printed more than 160 million years of printing times.